Analog Anywhere
The Process
1: Email us at   2: Click HERE to securely upload your files to us.
3:Files are imported to Pro Tools, run through the console, then to tape, and back into Pro Tools.
4: The “Taped” versions are then sent back to you via a secure downloadable link.
5: Your mind gets blown. 
6: Pay via paypal or credit card.
7: Repeat often!!!mailto:chris@welcometo1979.com

Well don’t let that stop you from getting that huge analog sound!  As part of the retro, all analog recording studio “Welcome To 1979” we offer this very simple, yet very sonically substantial service we like to call “Analog Anywhere”.  Utilizing our analog expertise and fully restored vintage console and tape machines from “Mara Machines” we offer a serious analog sound at an extremely affordable price, just $25/stereo mix. (Two song minimum please, or $50 for one song.)

Why so inexpensive?  It’s simple- we do analog recording every day, so our tape machines are always on and always aligned.  We have our “Analog Anywhere” process down to a science so we can accurately monitor pre-tape, post-tape, and the final product post Pro Tools converters to ensure that the right amount of tape saturation is taking place.

If we feel a different tape speed would suit your songs better, we switch to a tape machine that’s already aligned to that speed, instead of having to re-align the machine.  This saves us time, which saves you money without sacrificing quality.

There’s no guesswork here, we’re using our EARS!!

If you’re interested in placing your project in our hands, read “the process” and “the specs” to the right to see how to get started.

Don’t have a tape machine??

The Specs
Console: MCI JH428, fully restored and recapped. 
Tape Machine(s): several MCI JH110’s, each fully restored.
Tape: N.O.S. Ampex 499 or ATR Magnetics.
Alignment: +5/250 nW/m
Speed: 15 or 30 ips, depending on source material’s needs.
Converters: Lynx Aurora.
Sample Rate: up to 192k!!
Formats: aiff, .wav
Monitoring: Focal SM9, Yamaha NS-10